Look who’s smiling..

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett votes in EU Elections

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett votes in EU Elections

As the last of the local council votes are counted it if fair to assume who has a smile on their face. Nigel Farage will be smiling from ear-to-ear as his party stroll into second place with the European Parliament vote still to be announced on Sunday.

UKIP, who have so far gained 140 seats, will no doubt be very pleased with their achievements taking many Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem seats with Nigel’s homebrewed tornado ripping into the Westminster elites comfort zone. He has already declared UKIP’s campaign a total success, now UKIP are ‘serious players’ as the fox enters the hen house. There will be far more noise to come when UKIP claim numerous new MEP’s ready for the daily ritual of “yes, no, abstain” (in European Parliament). Sunday will be a very interesting for the spectators.

But who isn’t smiling? Nick Clegg. The Lib Dem’s are down -232 seats (-2 held councils). The party has paid the price for being in Government. The question is: will Clegg resign? I am guessing not, however, Nick’s prestige has taken a massive hit and his face value among Lib Dem activists has plummeted. Sunday’s European results could push the party over the edge as they hit the ejector button. The Coalition are set to announce new legislation as Cameron and Clegg hit back to allegations that the Government has ‘run out of steam’. It would not surprise me if Coalition split away in the run-up to the general election in May 2015, especially if the Party opt for a new direction.

As for Labour…well what more is there to say? 240 new seats and 5 more majority councils will keep Miliband’s critics at bay right? The answer is no. The Times reported today that the knives are out for Ed. Many believe that the Labour hierarchy underestimated the UKIP threats in their northern heartland. Discontent could yet see Ed out on his backside as the Labour wagon dump him to rescue their own political lives next year.

As for the Green Party, they will do well if they can double their number of MEP’s on Sunday. Their campaign quickly developed in the last week after being dubbed ‘the real alternative’. I am sure Natalie Bennett will be smiling tonight as the Party look forward to Sunday with anticipation.



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