We are recruiting now.

Are you a bright and intelligent individual? Do you wish to gain experience in online publishing?

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to write 1-3 articles per month for our blog. We are not looking for any particular candidate for the role of Junior Writer. However, undergraduates looking for experience (to boost their CV) are urged to apply.

Unfortunately this is an unpaid job! This placement is simply to gain experience in a growing industry.

What do we want and what do we expect? :

– Blog articles in keeping with our brand (political, economic, business, cultural and always current).

– Pressure is kept to a minimum! You tell us what you want to focus on and what we can expect from you each month. Please bare in mind we are asking for a minimum of 1-3 articles per month.

– Candidates should be punctual and intelligent with good grammar and excellent writing abilities. It is ideal that you are already interested in current affairs. We expect original articles (thought-provoking and, if possible, ahead of the curve).

This voluntary position is home-based and articles should be emailed to us.

We are an equal employer. Our blog is unbiased and we expect your articles to be too (well..to a degree).

If you are a suitable candidate for this voluntary position, do not hesitate get in touch. Apply by sending us your CV* to dailypolitics@outlook.com

We mostly allow you free reign over your content and the topics you discuss. From time-to-time we will delegate topics or themes for you to research and work with.

We will never disclose any personal information.

Tweet us: @DailyPoliticsV


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