Register to vote in the 2015 General Election


Resister to vote

Resister to vote

To all Daily Political View readers, we urge you to register to vote if you have not already.

The process is simple and takes a matter of minutes to complete. The 2015 general election is perhaps one of the most important and interesting in modern British politics and it would be a shame if anyone able to vote missed their opportunity.

Although it is important that everyone over-18 registers to vote, I strongly advise any students living away from home to sign up. The government has introduced a new system, whereby students can vote either at home or at their term time address. Many media outlets have suggested that this system is overcomplicated and would put off many students, however, it is straightforward and the admission form takes less than two minutes to complete.

The general election is just around the corner. Make sure you are registered in time.

You can register here via the site.


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