Six Democrats who could be President… and Hilary Clinton isn’t one of them

Will Hillary Clinton decide to run for Presidency?

Will Hillary Clinton decide to run for Presidency?

2015 will be the year we finally find out whether Hilary Clinton wants to be President or not. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what’s on most Americans lips; whether Hilary runs or not. If she does, then the election might as well be over here and now. If not, then 2016 may be just as exciting as 2008 was, only with more newcomers than established names. Sadly, this puts the Democrat party on pause, awaiting Hilary’s big decision and halting through intimidation other potential rising stars to take the big plunge into the primary. But if its possible, is there anyone else in the party with the capability to challenge Hilary? I mean, President Obama did it and look where he ended up. So what’s not to say it could happen again? So, if your eyes can cope, let me present you six potential democratic candidates that could give Hilary the fight in next year’s primaries, and perhaps become the 45th President of the United States.

1) Joe Biden – 47th Vice President Of The United States (2009-)

Youth isn't on Vice President Joe Biden's side, but will that stop him?

Youth isn’t on Vice President Joe Biden’s side, but will that stop him?

In total there have been 11 Vice Presidents that went on to one last promotion to become the president. The most recent was George H.W. Bush who sadly could only muster four years in office. Biden had attempted two presidential runs in 1988 and 2008, but both campaigns sadly didn’t take off. But Biden was granted a third lifeline when then presidential hopeful Barack Obama announced Biden as his running mate for the White House. With Obama’s run coming to a close, the spotlight once again is thrown on Biden and whether or not he will run one more time, now with more experience and a higher place in the party. Whilst age may play a problem for those looking for a more youthful candidate, it has been very rare for someone to die in office.

2) Al Gore – 45th Vice President Of The United States (1993-2001), 2000 Democratic Presidential Candidate

There has been small but interesting talk about the man that almost won going for it one more time. The 2000 US election could have gone a different route, and as such history may be completely different, if Gore won the vote. But he didn’t, and since then Gore has stayed away from talk of running for office again. But 2016 might be the year he goes for it. It’s not like Gore has little experience or is an unknown with voters. He’s popular with people and has policies to back him up. So now would be a good time for Gore to run again, and perhaps not only take the nomination, but become the 45th President and put the memories of 2000 far behind him for good.

3) George Clooney – Actor & Filmmaker

No, its not going to happen. I mean why would Clooney run for office? He has no experience in the US Senate, as well as no experience in the House of Representatives. So why is he on the list? Simple really: Hollywood. US elections in recent years have relied on tinseltown to rally behind their party and secure the popular vote a different way: endorsements. Clooney is a very influential and intelligent figure, and has played his part in American issues. He hosted a telethon for Haiti, raising millions of dollars in the process, as well as advocated for a resolution of the Darfur conflict in South Sudan, which later saw him get arrested after protesting outside the Sudanese Embassy. If he chose to run, you could bet

Hollywood would have its back and assure that he would secure the nomination comfortably. I mean let’s face it: He has the look, the interest, and intellect for the job. Its only the people Clooney would have to convince to get to the White House.

4) Tammy Baldwin – US Senator for Wisconsin (2013-)

Is Tammy Baldwin capable of rising to the top?

Is Tammy Baldwin capable of rising to the top?

Talk about a breath of fresh air when it comes to potential candidates. Tammy Baldwin is the first openly gay US Senator in US political history, as well as being one of the most liberal members of congress right now. Strongly opposed to the Iraq War, Advocate for Women’s, Minority & LGBT rights, and outspoken on the need for Health care reform across the country, she might be the shake-up that the Democrats need to push further forward into the 21st century, and leave the Republican Party stuck in the past. If she does run, she won’t have an easy fight, as the majority of Democrat voters exist mainly in the centre, and would be reluctant to go further left. But its worth Tammy going for it even if it doesn’t end in a election victory.

5) Andrew Cuomo – Governor Of New York (2011-)

Was married to a Kennedy for fifteen years, a proud supporter of gay marriage & gun control, has won two comfortable elections to be New York’s governor, and just over a year ago brutally attacked conservatives, telling WCNY that they had no place in New York. Let’s face it, Cuomo will be a presidential candidate. Whether it will be this election or the next, he has all the ingredients to be a perfect candidate for the white house. The man looks like a president, has great experience managing a safe democratic state, and has some interesting policies that could really propel him to the main stage come election fever.

6) Mark Warner – US Senator for Virginia (2009-)

This is someone I’ve had my eye on since the end of the last election. He reminds me a lot of John F Kennedy in his appearance, and I think can best relate to the voters with a strong success story, a positive background inside and outside politics, with no dodgy or distasteful background antics prior to becoming Senator. Its unlikely he might run in 2016, but 2020 is a possibility as there are too many names popping up in this race, and Warner might be forgotten amongst the crowd. But he’s one to keep an eye on, and someone who strongly represents the American that can move forward and achieve their dreams with hard work, a clear game plan, and the confidence to make calculated risks for the benefit of the people. Mark Warner 2016? That’s a phrase I’d like to see.


By Connor Macgregor, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.


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