GE2015: a unique election

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With no confident forecast, this year’s election will be an interesting one. This is quite unusual as there is always a clear indication of which party is looking strongest 100 days before the election.

There is a great uncertainty on the outcome. The question is, who is going to win the election? The Conservative party is using their ancient technique to win the election by once again blaming the Labour party for the terrible state the economic system is in currently. The Labour party as usual fires back by criticising the Prime Minister for changing the public services to a less dependent state.  Meanwhile, multiple parties have been formed over the years which could be one of the main reasons why there is such an uncertainty because voters are given further choices. The two party systems have declined and the Conservative party and labour party are no longer the main runners. Other parties that have been introduced and made aware of are the UKIP; they believe in a self-governing country and want out the European Union. The Green party; they are concerned with environmental policy and equality within society for every citizen.

A personal survey was carried out by me including 10 University students and 5 family members. This was a research based on questionnaire questions asking people whether they would vote and if yes who for and why. The majority of responses show that people were either sure of not voting and others were not too certain. The reason for that is because they have given up on politics and their ability to make a positive change. Citizens have lost hope.

The Labour party have been criticised over the last few months as Ed Miliband is not seen as an ideal leader. It is said that he lacks the charisma of a political leader and is not suitable to run the whole country. However, this could be argued against as uncharismatic political figures have won the election previously. In addition, according to the Sky news poll the Labour party is at the top with a 33% lead recovering from their backlashes of driving the country into debt. This also proves that there are enough individuals out there that trust Ed Miliband as their leader. The Conservative party followed with 31%, even though the difference is not that big; David Cameron has to prove to supporters that he is not only profiting the wealthy middle class individuals but also catering to the working class and ethnic minorities within the country. UKIP follows with 16 %. UKIP have as much abhorrence as support. UKIP supporters support their ideology of erasing immigration and to leave the European Union.

With the help of the Conservative party Nick Clegg has provided 1 million jobs within the country. Unfortunately, this will not be emphasised within the political debates as Nick Clegg’s image has been tarnished. The media has clung onto the image of him failing to keep his promise about the university student’s tuition fees.

There is a continuous change of opinion and no core supporters. This is an indication of too many different promises existing and the audience is sceptical on who to trust with their vote. We need a stable party that can deliver their promises and make this country a better country. The United Kingdom is falling apart with Scotland wanting to leave the UK. This is an indication that there is a division within the country and the results are that there is a decrease in the two main party systems.  Supporters want a great value rather than just promises to gain their votes. It is quite difficult to say to why supporters do not want to vote or are sceptical to vote. On the other hand it is understandable as every political party is going to promise to be the better one and to change the country for the better. This has yet to be proven as supporters have been driven into debt and frustration. As for the election we would have to just wait on the results.

By Heidi Boahen, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.

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One thought on “GE2015: a unique election

  1. Nick Clegg’s 1million jobs…piss poor pay,part-time, zero-hours stuff, taken up by the influx of immigrants because our own people desperately needed real, proper occupations instead of this crap. The GE will be a mindbender, full of mud-slinging and rigged votes. The whole kit and caboodle needs scrapping; we don’t need politicians to tell us what to do, how to speak, or how to live.

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