Republicans Who Could Be Next US President

Mitt Romney has made the decision not to run for Presidency next year

Mitt Romney has made the decision not to run for Presidency next year

With Mitt Romney announcing his intention not to stand in the 2016 Presidential Election, it now leaves open a variety of candidates to seek the votes of the American right. Not that there wasn’t going to be loads already anyway. But with Romney pulling out, it now may leave some who were initially unsure about running, now finding more confidence to take the plunge. Having already given you six potential democrat contenders (who aren’t Hillary Clinton), I feel I should now return the favour by doing a number of republican candidates who are likely to join the race.

1) Jeb Bush – Governor Of Florida (1999-2007)

Republicans do love the Bush family don’t they. The Father/Son Bush duo both scored presidential victories and went on to govern America in a combined length of 12 years (Bush Sr 4, Bush Jr 8). Jeb is the second son of George H.W. Bush and would love to join his brother with a record in the White House. He is among one of the favourites to clinch the nomination, and would sure be a strong candidate for what is seemed a tired Republican party, battered by two defeats by Barack Obama. But with a win in the 2014 midterm elections, maybe Bush is the key to revive Republican popularity.

2) Chris Christie – Governor Of New Jersey (2010-)

Christie has been rising through the ranks of the party for many years, and was widely tipped to run for President in 2012, against Barack Obama. However that never occured, and once again the rumour mill is spinning. Christie gained plus points when working in Obama when it came to the floods prior to the 2012 election, which boosted popularity points with the politician. But he’s also dropped in popularity given the Fort Lee lane closing scandal so soon after his election victory in 2013. In January, he formed a political action committee and showed signs of a possible run for the presidency. If he does indeed run, he will look to be a hot favourite to win.

3) Marco Rubio – US Senator of Florida (2011-)

Another Florida native, but one with a very different background. Cuban American descent, and based in Miami, Rubio might be a candidate that could appeal strongly to ethnic voters, a problem that has plagued The Republican Party for some time. He has a strong appeal, and could really reach out to those looking to come into America, with the message that you could come from anywhere and make it to the top. However with more established personas looking to run, Rubio’s chances are slim, although don’t rule out him being a running mate as Vice-President perhaps.

4) Scott Walker – Governor of Wisconsin (2011-)

Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin

Scott Walker Governor of Wisconsin

Arguably a rising star with a lot of potential as he rises up the ranks. Scott Walker has only lost one election in his career: his first. Since then, he has won every election, which is how he is Wisconsin’s governor today. A run at the presidency will be risky, but could benefit if he comes out on top. He has a lot of strengths, and is appealing to voters, but I’d reckon if he did run, he’ll come out short. 2020 perhaps might be best suited for him.

5) Rand Paul – US Senator for Kentucky (2011-)

An alternative politician that could turn the direction of the Republican Party on its map. Paul presents a more libertarian approach to issues, unlike the more conservative approach that the Republican Party is known for. This has won over a small chunk of supporters to the party, but has failed to make Rand’s father Ron Paul a presidential candidate for the party. Rand, Ron’s son, may be able to be a more fresher candidate for that ideology, being younger and stronger on the platform. If he runs for the presidency, he’ll have a tougher hill to climb, with both major parties targeting him, as well as politically supported media too.

Other Potential Candidates

Its usually the case in every presidential election that the Republican Party has a large influx of candidates all vying to be president, making the race very crowded indeed. So I’ll add some other names in this piece to give readers a more informed idea of who might run or not.

A name floating around is Rick Santorum, presidential candidate in 2012 and US Senator of Pennsylvania from 1999 to 2007. Whilst he fell short last time, 2016 could see them likely go again for the presidency, with an increased chance of perhaps securing the nomination. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry may also throw his name into the race too, with like Santorum a stronger chance to secure the nomination. Mike Huckabee, who ran in 2008, is also considering to run one more time, and hopefully clinch the nomination. What makes me put these names on the list is because it has been the case before that a politician running the first time failing, before winning the next time round happens a lot when it comes to presidential elections. It happened with Romney, Nixon, Reagan, and McCain. 2016 might see that same result.

Some potential nominees have already formed political action committees to test the waters about running. This includes Ben Carson, Lindsay Graham, and George Pataki, who join established politicians Chris Christie, Jeb Bush & Scott Walker.

Other names who’ve expressed interest  include Michelle Bachman, Ted Cruz, Bob Ehrlich, Bobby Jindal, Peter King, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Hermain Cain, Susanna Martinez, Scott Brown, former Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, Ted Nugent, and Joe Scarborough.

By Connor Macgregor, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.

DPV Twitter: (@DailyPoliticsV)


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