The Curious Case of Scottish Labour

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy (Via Telegraph)

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy (Via Telegraph)

There’s a crisis in Scotland people, and its one that cannot be ignored. For if this crisis is to be enacted, Politics in Scotland will never be the same again, and may be the end of an era that can never come back. I’m talking about the crisis of Labour. The party that was once a safe haven for the party in times of disillusionment and internal bickering. Regardless of the performance in England, Labour could always rely on Scottish seats sticking by them. Just look back at 2010, in which despite the gaffs and mishaps of one Gordon Brown, Scotland stuck by their guns and crossed the Labour box once again, to present 41 Scottish Labour MPs into the house of commons. But no one could imagine five years later that those Scottish Labour MPs may be about to be out of a job.

In case you’ve been living underground for the last five months, the Scottish Referendum swept the nation up into a tornado of words, emotion, knowledge, and research. It divided the people of Scotland like no other issue, and made us in Scotland question our very future, as well as the generations to follow. The result was a No vote, and by that result people expected the story to be over and for the UK to move on, with nothing but a unpleasant scar on its face, that they’d hope would heal in a few years. But alas no. For it is now Early February and polls in Scotland put the Labour Party in a position they only had nightmares about. The SNP is polling in around over 50%, projected to take the majority of Scottish seats in Scotland, leaving Labour with a margin of around 4 seats. Its an unprecedented rejection of what was once a welcoming party for the working class, fighters of the oppressed, and a party of progression. But scandals after scandals in their years of power has seen the mighty support dwindle and dwindle away, into what is now a fair few left in Scotland, clinging on to any shread of power, in the hope that they themselves can defy the hierarchy and change politics for the better.

The SNP are seen as the party for the people, standing by their word and making significant changes for the better of the Scottish people. And all Labour can do is attack. Attack anything they can, and spin it to give voters the belief that the policies promised by the SNP are wrong, mismanaged, or downright offensive to what The Scottish people deep down believed. Yet nothing is working, and if anything, The SNP’s growth is killing Labour slowly. And fatally perhaps too.

But there is hope for Labour. A hope that maybe its very last one. A leadership election at the end of last year gave the party the chance to reinvent itself in Scotland, and enjoy what was then a hiccup in the polls. Candidates for the leadership included Jim Murphy MP, Neil Findlay MSP, or Sarah Boyack MSP.

By Connor Macgregor, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.

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