Whether you like it or not, this election will change your life forever…

Number 10

There will be few certainties in this up coming election, but one thing that is for sure, is that by not voting you’re choosing to stay silent on some of the biggest decisions to dominant the UK in recent history. For the first time in living memory, your vote will matter, you vote will be heard and your vote will make a significant difference to the future direction of the United Kingdom.

Unlike in previous elections, the decision is no longer between Red and Blue. There is now a whole spectrum of political colours with a realistic prospect of finding themselves in government: from Nigel to Nicola, to Natalie or Nick. Aside from the similarities in their names, all of these parties crucially represent very different things and will fundamentally change the way this country has been run.

I don’t blame those who are more skeptical of this view. Many will argue that the promise of revolutionary change has all been made before. One only has to remember the pope like inauguration of Tony Blair in 1997. He was greeted in Downing Street like a monarch on steroids, with flags, tears and a majority the size of a small army. Not only did he promise quite poetically that ‘a new dawn had broken,’ he also let the nation believe that he was going to revolutionize politics both inside and out. On many issues he did, but on many more, it was business as usual. Different faces, but the same old politics.

What is different by this election however, is that it is likely to be a much more subtle revolution. For a government to form in 2015, deals will have to be made with smaller, previously insignificant parties. The leviathan of the Conservative party may have to cuddle up to her spikey and once irrelevant cousin, UKIP. Or the political beast of Labour may have to sacrifice many of her key policies to appease the ever-demanding SNP.

Make you vote count

Make you vote count

This time around, one vote really could make all a difference. The party with the most votes is able to attempt to form a coalition first. All a party needs is one vote, your vote. This isn’t about minor issues; this is about Europe, our nuclear deterrent and the economy. If Nigel Farage is able to influence the formation of government he will demand a referendum on Europe that will send shock waves around the world and have implications for the lives of the next several generations. If the SNP get into bed with Labour, they have said they want to scrap our nuclear deterrent, a policy that could see us lose our senior place in NATO and the UN.

Whatever you are doing on the 7th May 2015, make sure you vote.

By James Evans, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.

Twitter: (@James_Evans101)


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