Iglesias Is Not Tsipras

Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos

Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos

One of the major political events in Europe, the victory of the Syriza party in Greece, has truly provoked a political  earthquake after the astounding collapse of the social democrat party PASOK, almost owned by the Papandreou Family. Syriza´s leader Alexis Tsipras, has put voice to what most people, especially in the Southern Mediterranean are thinking, the euro and the European Union do not work anymore. It should be broken, most of the debt cancelled, and its economies restructured so that they can create jobs, employment and wealth. Becoming the bogeyman for most of the Western Press, it is almost the contrary case of Pablo Iglesias, the leader, of the ultra left-wing party of Spain, Podemos. Despite looking alike, the difference is that Tsipras, bears a real pre-occupation regarding the future of Greece, and Iglesias doesn’t. Tsipras represents the chance for the Southern Mediterranean countries to say NO, and leave as soon as possible, Iglesias, is the grip. Behind his populist speeches and colloquial slang, lies a not so noble purpose, but the instauration of a tyrant. Therefore, despite appearing together, Iglesias is not the Spanish Tsipras, but the Nemesis of all what Tsipras represents.

Pablo Iglesias, the secretary general of Podemos, has links with some of the most despicable regimes in the world. Hispan TV, where Iglesias advertises his program La Tuerka, and Fort Apache, is owned by the satrapy of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Furthermore, through the Foundation CEPS, he receives funding. CEPS has an agreement with the Venezuelan regime, firstly Hugo Chavez Frias, and then of  Nicolas Maduro, a henchman of the Castro Brothers. Even worse, a Narco-State , controlled from the shadows, by Cuba, as the US Ambassador in Venezuela Otto Reich recognised. Even if we take a look at the way he articulates his speech, it has reminiscence of the 30s fascist regimes of Hitler and Mussolini, one of the key terms that he uses is La Casta, or The Caste, referring to the corrupted Spanish Political Class, including both Left and Right. These words are nothing new, the Italian theoreticians , of Fascism, Gaetano Mosca and Vilfredo Pareto, demonized the politicians at that time, calling the The Caste. Hugo Chavez  referred to it in many of his speeches as La Casta, regarding the parties who set up the Punto Fijo Pact, in 1958 (ADE, COPEI, and URD), to establish themselves in power. Therefore, Iglesias, wants to be a third option, not left, not right , but Podemos, something else, a third way, a Peronismo, if that makes sense. In addition to that, La Casta, is the name of a book by the journalist Daniel Montero: La Casta: El Chollo de ser politico en España , on which he outlined the corrupted trajectory of the Spanish politicians. Also, it must be highlighted, the way Iglesias was treated by the mass media. He has become the darling, of La Sexta, and La Cuatro, two of the most broadcasted TV channels, owned by Mediaset, the group chaired by the oligarch Silvio Berlusconi. His appearances in Vanity Fair, along with his girlfriend Tania Sanchez, makes him an attractive product of the business elite, the one he despises so much. Even worse, his association with the platform Anti-Desahucios of Ada Colau, accused of harassment against politicians, gives it a reminiscence to the Brown Shirts of the 30s Germany.

Tsipras, on the other hand, has highlighted that most of Greece’s debt is due to speculation, in fact, most of the debt, was hidden by investment banks such as Goldman Sachs. Greece, is a clear example that the austerity measures do not work at all, her rate of unemployment has escalated from 10% , 30% , to a terrifying 60% amongst the youth, even surpassing Spain. Greece’s debt now amounts up to 109% of its GDP, much less than that of the US $128 trillion, 7 times its GDP. The solution of the European Central Bank , chaired by the ex Goldman Sachs Mario Draghi are loans to bankers at 0% interest, and then loan it to the Greeks at 6-7% interest. This is a great way to literally make a killing. The Troika´s solution? Draconian measures, an eerie copycat of the IMF and the World Bank Structural Adjustment Program, that produced such disastrous results in Latin America, such as Argentina and Chile.

Alexis Tsipras - leader of Syriza in Greece

Alexis Tsipras – leader of Syriza in Greece

Tsipras was right when he claimed not only the cancellation of the debt, but a restructuration of it. Furthermore, Germany should pay Greece US $667 billion for war damages incurred during World War II. Therefore, it is necessary to say, that Tsipras, contrary to Iglesias, is behaving like a patriot. If Greece is about to pay her debts, the austerity measures, of privatization, increased taxes, punishing the middle and lower class savings, is not going to help, indeed, it will make things even worse. Tsipras has provided a credible alternative; he has been demonized by the press, whereas Iglesias, was well-received by the business class of Madrid, at Forum Europa in the Ritz Hotel. The solution is simple: pass the Glass Steagall Act before its too late. Tsipras is not part of the problem, but part of the solution, the sooner we realize it, the sooner we will be able to save the European Nation States as we know them.

By Daniel Gonzalez, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.


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