Juan Carlos Monedero and Podemos’ Shadowy Finances

Juan Carlos Monedero of Podemos in Spain

Juan Carlos Monedero of Podemos in Spain

One of the most intriguing figures of the Spanish political arena, has been the Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias’ right hand man Juan Carlos Monedero. Monedero was Iglesias’ friend at the Complutense University of Madrid, lecturer of Theory of the State and PhD in Political Science. He spent spending 3 years at Heidelberg, studying the causes of the fall of the German Democratic Republic. Analyzing Monedero´s role in  the creation of Podemos is essential in order to understand the political motivations behind its creation.

Juan Carlos Monedero, was first of all, advisor to the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias, between 2005 and 2010. From that moment he has been a propagandist of 21st Century Socialism, having among its main exponents: Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), and to a lesser extent Luiz Inazio Lula da Silva in Brasil. However Monedero´s views were too radical, even from the hardliners of the Chavist regime. He proposed among other things, to shoot directly the demonstrators; Monedero also, had a key role on getting 200,000 euros to buy Canal 33, an indepedent TV channel, chaired by Enrique Rioboo. Monedero got the funding from Venezuela´s new government of Nicolas Maduro, attempting to buy the Canal, and making propaganda of the new political formation. Its initial plan was to take over IU (Izquierda Unida), the reformed Spanish Communist Party, through the Newspaper Diario Publico, and Canal 33, but things didn´t work out as well as expected.

To understand Monedero´s thought, it is imperative to read is three main books: El Gobierno de las Palabras, Curso Urgente de Politica para Gente Decente, and La Transicion Contada a Nuestros Padres. The main thesis of the books is that the Spanish democratic transition since the death of Franco in 1975, empty and false. It is necessary to make a first breakthrough and go back to the regime of the Second Republic in 1931, the one who preceded the Spanish Civil war (1936-1939).  In other words, Monedero, wants to replicate the Popular Front of 1936, mixing Socialists, Communists, and Separatist movements.  But one key issue is Podemos finances, how the party has been able to bankroll their acts, and speeches. According to Iglesias, they used crowdfunding websites. Really? Let´s take a look at Juan Carlos Monedero´s role in the CEPS Foundation, this organization, apparently gives political advising to various Latin American Governments, such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Brazil. However, if we take a look at money transfers, Monedero received 2.1 million Euros from the Venezuelan Government. This is just the tip of the iceberg, Monedero elaborated in ‘secret reports’ to receiving 425,000 Euros, plus another two payments were processed of 400,000 and 500,000 Euros respectively. Monedero did not declare these payments to the tax administration. The web of corruptions digs much further, and goes to Iñigo Errejon, also a PhD scholar of economics at the University of Malaga.

Corruption at the heart of Podemos?

Corruption at the heart of Podemos?

Errejon, is a member of CEPS, Montaner, gave Errejon a scholarship of 1,800 Euros a month, for undertaking a presential research job at the University. The Problem? Errejon didn´t attend the University of Malaga, where he was supossed  to do his research, and yet, he was till receiving the scholarship money. If that was not enough, things get much murkier. Monedero participates on three film & TV production companies, registered as charities to avoid tax. The first, CMI (Con Mano Izquierda), registered in 2012, has been behind the broadcasting of La Tuerka, Fort Apache, the Publico Newspaper, and Hispan TV, the National Iranian TV Channel. The second one: Caja de Resistencia Motiva 2, has Monedero as its sole administrador and shareholder; this company is dedicated specifically to market studies, focusing on public opinion pols and audiovisual production. Their income? 400,000 Euros and expenses of 60,000 Euros, an astounding amount of profit. The third, 360 Global Media, the one that carries much higher implications, not only on a national level, but globally. 360 Global Media, is controlled by the Iranian Civil Servant Azimi Mahmoud Alizadeh, the original creator of Hispan TV. Their goal? To create a public opinion favourable to the regime of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. 360 Global Media only registered 22 employees, all paid quite well at around 34,000 Euros. However, with rampant market capitalization 2 million Euros of income in 2013 and 2012; exempted of debts with banks or financial institutions, accounted expenses of just 2, 000 Euros. Understanding Juan Carlos Monedero´s spider web of shadowy companies, is not just a single case of corruption, it is geopolitics at the highest level.

One major event that occurred in Spain, was the private meeting between Pablo Iglesias, and the ex-President of the Socialist government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Iglesias has made Zapatero a reference and symbol of the World Progress Movement. It is interesting to remark, that it was Zapatero, the one who promoted the Law of Historical Memoir, claiming the memory of the Civil War and propagandizing the goodness of the Second Republic and Condemning Franco. This is the same type of political strategy that Monedero and Iglesias are employing and using. The shadows that are currently lying low will soon be exposed and may become their Achilles heel.

By Daniel Gonzalez, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.

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