Iñigo Errejon: The Machiavelli Of Podemos?


Iñigo Errejon

Iñigo Errejon

In order to understand the rise of Podemos and their increasing popularity across Spain (and globally), it is necessary to analyse in deep detail, the figure of Iñigo Errejon. Errejon is the campaign manager and spin doctor behind Podemos´s political strategy. If we took a look at him carefully we won´t only discovered a talented individual, but also a wicked tactician planning his rise, hidden by a friendly face. When Santiago Carrillo, an old leader of the PCE(Spanish Communist Party), decided to launch the Eurocommunist movement, or “Socialism with a Human Face” he created rising demon.

Iñigo Errejon, has a PhD in Political Science with a thesis specified to the discourse analysis of Bolivia. He is playing the same role as David Axelrod with Obama (also Ed Miliband), or James Carville with Bill Clinton in the Democratic Party. Errejon is using the social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, to obtain a massive support. Errejon was the key piece in order to articulate a political strategy that had as a cornerstone, the elimination of the traditional left and right, substituting them with The Caste, the Oligarchy, something against the People (Podemos). This major breakthrough was helped by the recent corruption scandals, affected both of the major political parties in Spain. According to Iñigo Errejon the Spanish Partido Popular and PSOE ‘are not the same shit , but they smell alike’. However, Errejon´s background doesn´t speak of somebody who has been a member of the working class, in fact, his father Jose Antonio Errejon Villacieros, had been a high ranking civil servant, was director of Environmental Policy at the Ministry of Tax and Civil Administration. His father also has links with PSOE, was a member of the Council of Ministers from 1991 onwards, and was also director of the Cabinet for the Secretary of State for Water and Environmental Policy with Felipe Gonzalez. Errejon´s father shares a common bond with the extreme left wing movement Izquierda Anticapitalista´s magazine Vientos del Sur. It is important to highlight that Izquierda Anticapitalista, has been the source for most of Podemos actual members.

The Prince: Modern day Machiavellianism

The Prince: Modern day Machiavellianism?

Errejon, became famous quite recently in the Spanish press.  Why? He had been given a scholarship of 1,825 Euros a month by the University of Malaga, in order to carry out a work about the Public Housing in Andalusia. The scholarship was given, thanks to the influences of Alberto Montero, chair of economics at the University of Malaga and member of Podemos. Errejon wasn´t present at the University at that time. The explanation of Errejon resembles that of the late Soviet leaders, when they were carrying out a purge against their own people: ‘everything is the work of the Caste. He is the modern day Machaivelli. Errejon was using the paranoia technique, forcing the belief that the national enemies were infiltrating Spain, this is the same manoeuvre as the Nazis and Soviets alike. One of Errejon´s most aclaimed idols, Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, used the same technique, in order to explain the atrocious economic crisis, his country is suffering.

Another aspect regarding Errejon´s influence in Podemos are his links with two foundations, intertwined with the Bolivarian Regime of Venezuela. The first, Polls Laboratory GIS XXI, whose director is Jesse Chacon, Minister of Electric Energy, envolved in the 1992 coup détat of Chavez against the elected president Carlos Andres Perez, as well as the assault, against the TV stations of RCTV , and Venevision. Furthermore, Errejon expressed his outlandish devotion to Chavez.Errejon, came to the extreme to calify Chavism as a source of political pedagogy, even more, he claimed that Chavez and Chavism, explains the Venezuelans, who they are, what rights they have and to what they can aspire towards. Errejon is good at being the chief propagandist. In addition to that, his links with Venezuela are highly profitable, as a member of the CEPS Foundation, he is earning between 7,000 and 7,500 Euros a month, as well s being an advisor to Podemos. Errejon´s scholarship scandal is part of a much bigger problem, the corruption inside the Spanish Universities. In Andalusia alone, five universities gave black credit cards to its members, among them, lecturers, in other words, a direct robbery.

Now is there a bigger plan behind Errejon’s involvement with Podemos? Yes, in fact, if we take a look at Errejon, he has been deeply involved with Miguel Urban, leader of Izquierda Anticapitalista. Errejon is even more radical than Pablo Iglesias, admiring  Hugo Chavez and Evo Moral of 21st century Socialism. Errejon was also the driving force behind the recruitment of an elite clique of young political scientists, experts and skilled workers in the usage of the social networks, nurturing the Podemos machinery. They worked out the strategy for Podemos’ success. Pablo Iglesias is the face, whereas Errejon and his crew, the brain. Now, there is another interesting fact, Errejon sealed a contract days before the creation of Podemos, that contract accounted for around 100,000 Euros, between the CEPS Foundation and the government of Venezuela. In 2014, the CEPS foundation of which Errejon is part of, received a total amount of 780,000 Euros. What does this mean? Julio Montoya, Venezuela deputy of the opposition, denounced that the Venezuelan Government, was behind the creation of Podemos, and they had been bankrolling Podemos.

In other words, what apparently is some sort of political experiment carried out by a group of talented lecturers and scholars, is actually, is a submarine a Venezuelan bankrolled operation. There plan? To destabilize Spain, the Eurozone, the Atlantic Alliance, and NATO. One thing is for sure, Errejon is not the self-styled Machiavellian tactician  appeared to be, even in the. There is something huge lurking beneath the murky political surface.

By Daniel Gonzalez, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.


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