Podemos: Fascism Repackaged?

Podemos leadership - Monedero, Iglesias, and Errejon

Podemos leadership – Monedero, Iglesias, and Errejon

Some newspapers at the Spanish press have commented on the similarities of Podemos and the rise and growth of the 1930s fascist movements in Europe. Podemos is a political party that attempts not only to take power, but to install a revolution. Every revolution has two necessary conditions to take shape:(1) an economic crisis and (2) a political crisis, exactly what happened in 1868, 1917, 1931, and 1975. I will attempt to outline the main characteristics of why Podemos can or has some slight resemblances to a fascist or proto-fascist political style.

Firstly, the parties use of propaganda, learning from the gurus Willi Munzenberg, Joseph Goebbels, and Vladimir Lenin. The repetition of ideas of a deeply instilled mantra: The Caste against the people. The Nazis were influenced by cults like the Thule and Vril Societies, both with branches in the Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky. Podemos’ main symbol is a circle, an Ouroboros, which means Darkness. This occult feature is also present in the anti-Catholicism of Podemos, his threats of closing all the catholic schools: private and semi-private, and the cancellation of agreements. It is interesting to note that Iglesias, despite his denial, had once proclaimed himself as a Communist. The Romanian Priest wrote an interesting book: Marx and Satan, on which he stated: Communism is nothing more than Satanism empowerized. I am not suggesting that Iglesias is a Satanist, or something like that, but he, along with Podemos, bears an utter rejection towards Catholicism and everything related to it. Another feature is the attraction of the youth, Podemos is mainly nurtured by extreme left wing groups such as Izquierda Anticapitalista, or Fundacion Contrapoder.

Podemos articulates a sense of guilt, the evil and greedy oligarchy, the Caste against the people. Further still, if we add the charismatic and unquestionable leader, Pablo Iglesias, we have an explosive cocktail. The Spanish sociologist Amando de Miguel has denounced repeatedtly the totalitarian nature of Pablo Iglesias, and the parallelisms between Podemos and the Nazi Movement. Even the old Guard of PSOE, such as Alfonso Guerra, has denounced the opportunism and populism, of Podemos, in his magazine Tiempo para el Debate . Iglesias and Podemos, present themselves neither as left or right in the political spectrum, perhaps a ‘third way’ or capitalism with a human face. This is nothing new, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, founder of the Spanish Falange in 1920s also spoke of a ‘third way’. Iglesias said once: ‘I have never said, we are left or right. I challenge to find a quote where I say it..[we are] common sense’.

Does Pablo Iglesias' Podemos present a 'third way'?

Does Pablo Iglesias’ Podemos present a ‘third way’?

What is certainly true is that Podemos has adopted a third way of looking at the politics of Spain. This is earning Podemos a lot of voters, and allows them to go further beyond the traditional way of doing politics. One thing is for sure, they know really well how to wield and use their culminated power. Podemos and Iglesias should emphasize what sort of solutions they propose toward auditing and restructuring Spanish debt. We need to hear more about their intensions and how the will prove the Spanish economy and the society.

By Daniel Gonzalez, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.


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