Podemos: The Quest For The Iron Throne

Pablo Iglesias, a self-styled man of the people

Pablo Iglesias, a self-styled man of the people

The popular TV series Game of Thrones, based on the hugely successful books isn´t only one of Pablo Iglesias favourite hobbies, it is an essential part of the way he has formed his political strategy. Iglesias, first of all, found out that Game of Thrones was a gold mine in order to explain the political science. A method that he incorporated into his lectures, with incredible success, being also a commentator at Canal Plus analysing the last season. Furthermore, if we take a look at his last comments, we will find out that Game of Thrones is much more than a hobby or a way to explain political science, it is the way he sees politics and how it has to be exerted. The Prism from where Iglesias sees Spain, and his quest to take over the Presidency, is Game of Thrones, a game he is ready to play.

The political character Iglesias identifies with most is Daenerys of Tangaryeen, Khaleesi, the Queen of the Dragons, against the Evil Casted, incarnated by King Joffrey. In the Spanish case is the actual president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy. Iglesias, admires the way Daenerys, connects with the oppressed, gaining legitimacy and prioritizing soft power and smart power, over the hard one represented by the Caste, or the Lannisters, hidden behind the Iron Throne. Daenerys doesn´t differ too much from Margaery Tyrell, being able to connect and establish relations with the poorest strata of society, totally the opposite of Cersei Lannister and Joffrey Baratheon. One of Daenerys key quotes, admired by Iglesias is: ‘ the weak ones need the power of the Throne, the public power, more than the strong ones, because they have already their own private power, and with it, they oppressed the weak ones and defend themselves against other strong ones.’ Pablo Iglesias looks to make the Spanish public aware of his earthly tone, his casualness and that he is in touch with the working classes and their problems. Iglesias, desires hegemony and political respectability.

Pablo Iglesias likens himself to Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen

Pablo Iglesias likens himself to Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen

For Iglesias and Podemos, Game of Thrones, has also become a genius instrument to communicate a determined political idea, and the way he wants the people to understand politics. The same way Littlefinger explains the Iron Throne ´s great lie, Iglesias tries to make us see that Spanish democracy, the rotation between PP and PSOE, or putting in other terms the Lannisters and Starks, is a lie and have no legitimacy at all. Daenerys, like Iglesias, attempts the destruction of the established order. One of Daenerys´s most admired speeches by Pablo Iglesias is: ‘ You do not owe me your freedom, I cannot give it to you. Your freedom is not mine to give it to you. It belongs only to you. Your freedom is not mine, to give it to you. It belongs only to you and only to you. If you want to recover it, you have to take it yourselves. All and each one of you.’ Now, if he is Daenerys, where are the dragons? The answer is simple: the wrath of the people. The worse things get in Spanish society, the more desperate people become. Iglesias, is going to repeat his message, attackingt the ills of Spain and those in power. In Game of  Thrones, the more despicable and brutal the Lannister clan become, the more followers Daenerys is going to get. Iglesias is determined to use the rage of people, as a dragon fire, to obliterate the Caste. Iglesias, was not born into privilege, he worked all the way to success, through the usage of deception and Machiavellian-like craft.

Pablo Iglesias on the Iron Throne

Pablo Iglesias on the Iron Throne

For Pablo Iglesias, the political game is like Game of Thrones. He published an essential book: ‘Ganar o Morir: Lecciones Politicas en Juego de Tronos’, on the cover appears himself sat in the Iron Throne. The book is not just  great reading for those who follow the TV series or want to learn more on political science. The book is a challenge to the Spanish political class, it is a provocation at the highest level. Iglesias is determined to show, not only that he is a player of Game of Thrones, but that he is actually, the bes and in fact, he will become the next President of the Spanish Government. You think it is quite far-fetched? Check the cover of the book, and judge for yourselves.

By Daniel Gonzalez, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.


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