Shut the door on your way out Ms Ross

Time for Natalie Bennett and the Green Party to get tough

Time for Natalie Bennett and the Green Party to get tough

I was flicking through my Twitter feed on my commute back home yesterday when I came across a mini scandal developing with Green party PPC, Jenny Ross. She tweeted ‘Just found out Farage has only got one ball… Some people will do anything to emulate their Heroes!’

Now I don’t really have much time for UKIP and their policies but using cancer as a subject to make a stupid joke aimed at Farage is blatantly abhorrent.

I was diagnosed in January 2015 with a non-seminoma testicular tumour aged 26. I will never forget the day the news was broken to me. I cried and was terribly scared. I have since had ‘the operation’ and now have something very much in common with the UKIP leader. We both have one testicle. Jenny Ross clearly fails to recognise the suffering and struggles that comes with fighting testicular cancer. To make a joke of that vulgarity in order for Farage to be compared to Hitler and his ‘one ball’ (which is probably not true anyway) is profoundly upsetting for me and other sufferers.

Like me and thousands of other testicular cancer sufferers, Farage would have had to consider chemotherapy and the health consequences that usually it causes – nausea, permanent infertility, hair loss etc. For the rest of our lives we have to undergo regular blood tests and CT scans under ‘surveillance’ conditions. I wonder if Jenny Ross knows what it feels like to be petrified waiting for that phone call from the doctor to reveal the results of your latest tests. We fear the cancer will return. Seems like a lot of stress to put yourself through in order to be like your ‘hero’.

jenny ross scandal

I would like to see Jenny Ross resign or be removed as the PPC for Stalybridge and Hyde. It’s time for the Green Party to become a bit ruthless. There is no place in any environment for this sort behaviour. The Greens have trotted out the following yesterday – “We condemn the language used by Ms Ross…we expect an apology from Ms Ross and an internal investigation of her actions is underway”. Let’s hope the Greens remain firm and serious on this.

They were certainly serious when they decided to ditch Vivienne Westwood over her tax issues recently. UKIP likewise have rightly expelled the appalling Janice Atkinson over the latest expense scandal and the Lib Dem peer, Paul Strasburger resigned when accepting a contentious donation.

Ross did tweet a hollow ‘apology’ that was not actually directed to the victim himself – Nigel Farage. In the meantime, I think it would be wise for Ross to consider going back to the BBC; she would be in good company there.

By Tristan Allen, Junior Writer for Daily Political View. 


One thought on “Shut the door on your way out Ms Ross

  1. i unfortunately had to suffer at the hands of miss ross and what she thinks is funny (such as swearing abusively at people), she once referred to me as chewbacca at a meeting which some of her cronies found funny. fortunately most people attending found her to be unpleasant. i also witnessed her swearing at a very disabled woman after another meeting. she isn’t funny. i was shocked to see the green party had given her a platform.

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