Predicting The Seats: Introduction

Conservative campaign

This Monday, election campaigning will “officially” begin when Parliament breaks up once again. And it’s no secret that no one can really call the result this time around. If you thought 2010 was a tough election to call, 2015 is all the more murky. For a while, I’ve looked at polls and potential swing seats, in which an idea began to form in my mind. I want to do something ambitious, something not attempted before which can be either a success or a disaster at the same time. So starting tomorrow, after Parliament’s break-up, I will attempt to predict all 650 seats for the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Through the next month, I will take the 12 different broken down areas of the UK predict each seat in that area, coming together at the end to deliver the full predicted result. No doubt I will get seats wrong, but it is in the end all fun, and perhaps provide people a good idea of what is likely to be the result on May 7th. Many parties will be in the spotlight for a grasp of power, and many surprises could occur as a result of public mood. Below is the order that I will conduct my predictions through until May 7th.
1) East Midlands
2) South West
3) North East
4) South East
5) London
6) North West
7) Wales
8) Scotland
9) Northern Ireland
10)West Midlands
11)Yorkshire & The Humber
12)East Of England
Happy campaigning!
By Connor Macgregor, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.

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