STV Leaders Debate: The Review

Scottish leaders: Nicola Sturgeon, Jim Murphy, Ruth Davison, and Willie Rennie

Scottish leaders: Nicola Sturgeon, Jim Murphy, Ruth Davison, and Willie Rennie (Via Daily Record)

Another day, another debate. This one on the other hand was much more of a let-down. No one really shined, partially because the format was a shambles, and the audience clearly weren’t as engaged or -let’s be honest- angry enough to get into it. Disappointing, but still watchable.

So who won? Really, no one did. One was expecting Nicola Sturgeon to build on last Thursdays performance and swat away the Pro-Union opposition, but sadly the energy was not there. This then left the door open for Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy to combat Sturgeon and steal support, and he did…sort of. I personally hold little support for Murphy, as demonstrated previously on this blog. I won’t deny however, that he performs extremely well for a Leader, and can really connect to voters if given the chance. If his record wasn’t so easily accessible, I reckon Murphy could bridge the gap between the SNP and Labour in the polls. But sadly, Scottish voters still remember his backstory, thus the Labour surge is still yet to arrive.

As for Ruth Davidson, I felt that she did well, and clearly fought well against Jim Murphy and Nicola Sturgeon when she got the chance. She’s very different from David Cameron, and is one of the more like able members of the Tory party. Shocking isn’t it. Willie Rennie sadly was all over the place: too quiet in one half, and too barmy in the other. Clearly his party are desperate, and tonight’s debate was a failed opportunity to resurrect some love from what is very much established as a party on life-support.

A lot of people on Twitter will proclaim “Moustache Guy” as the star of the show (Really?), but in my opinion, I thought Bernard Ponsonby did a great job, as he always does with debates. He commanded the politicians, took no nonsense whatsoever, and wanted clear convincing answers throughout, wanting the audience to come away with something. Even though they didn’t.

Tomorrow is the BBC’s turn with the Scottish Greens & UKIP thrown into the debate for what is hopefully added excitement. Sadly it takes place in Aberdeen, not the Hydro Debate as all debates should be in the future. Maybe next time perhaps.

By Connor Macgregor, Junior Writer for Daily Political View.

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